A gathering at the 2016 International Student Voice Seminar in Vermont

Special! 2016 Seminar

In 2016, Jean Courtney recorded a series of special podcasts of interviews with participants from the 2016 International Student Voice Seminar in Vermont. Following are these interviews, including a bio, the interview and related links for each one. See the bottom of this page for more info about the event.

Special Podcasts

Seminar_ep_Dana Mitra and Kaden Litzinger

Special 1: Dr. Dana Mitra and Kaden Litzinger, a student at Delta High School in Pennsylvania. Dr. Mitra is with Penn State University, and author of several books related to student voice.



Special 2: Rainbow Chena student at Winooski High School and a member of the Vermont Board of Education.



Special 3: Anneka Williams, Maura Riley and EJ Morgan, students at Harwood Union High School in Vermont



Special 4: Dr. Bill Preble, founder the Center for School Climate and Learning, author and more.



Special 5: Andrew Brennen, the National Field Director for Student Voice.



Special 6: Katie Morgan and Gina Fiorile, staff at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, New York.



Special 7: Naima Raza, founder of the Bluewater Sustainability Initiative and a student trustee for the Lambton Kent District School Board in Ontario.



Special 8: Greg Williamson, a longtime student voice advocate in Washington State government and beyond.


Seminar_ep_Brasof, Marc

Special 9: Dr. Marc Brasof, faculty member at Arcadia University and author of several books related to student voice.


About These Specials

This is a special series of Student Voice Podcasts with interviews by Jean Courtney of participants of the 2016 International Seminar: Amplifying Student Voice and Partnership, hosted by the University of Vermont (UVM) under the leadership of Dr. Dana Mitra of Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Helen Beattie of Up for Learningand Dr. Penny Bishop of UVM.

This series features young people, youth policy advocates, educational researchers, field-based practitioners of student voice, and educational leaders talking about student voice and partnership efforts and how to get started.

The conference is a continuation of the International Cambridge Student Voice Seminars held at the University of Cambridge, U.K., for several years starting in 2009. There, “participants gathered to explore student voice through a series of conversations that cut across differences of role, context, and practice.



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The Team for these interviews includes:

  • Host: Jean Courtney
  • Audio Production: John Jacob Courtney
  • Graphics: Joie Li
  • Song: Our Time: Sound Check Shaping our Future Together
    • Written by Grace Ecklund Gustavson, Evan Warner, Cal Burke, Asia Bernatchy, Dorothy Whalen, Henry Burke, Caleb Quittner, Jacob Kaplan, Ben Burr, Tobi April, Wilson Knight, Tailor Chapin, Eli Rivers, Kris Gruen, Brian Boyes, Helen Beattie, Mary Whalen
    • Musical arrangements by Brian Boyes and Cabot School Music Theory Class

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