#Equality #Diversity #Dialogue #studentvoice #studentactionresearch An exemplar

Essential reading for all students, student voice practitioners and educational leaders.

The Education Curiosity Shop

The student perspective on matters of education
Student responses to what goes on in classrooms can provide valuable insight and demonstrate the obvious, that having been ‘schooled’ since 4/ 5 years old students actually have a lot of experience in terms of what makes for a good learning experience. A student perspective can enlighten, animate and inject a different dynamism of energy. The vitality of young interested minds: if you show interest you get interest back. Magic formula.

Student Voice; Student Action Research

What make students underachieve, give up, fail to try? As Equality & Diversity Coordinator , I set up discussions around these questions with the student E&D group. Their immediate responses included things like: Why would you try if you felt alienated, or if teachers felt ‘unreachable’ to you and/or if teachers didn’t know who you were , didn’t even remember your name?  Why would you ever…

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