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The student perspective on matters of education
Student responses to what goes on in classrooms can provide valuable insight and demonstrate the obvious, that having been ‘schooled’ since 4/ 5 years old students actually have a lot of experience in terms of what makes for a good learning experience. A student perspective can enlighten, animate and inject a different dynamism of energy. The vitality of young interested minds: if you show interest you get interest back. Magic formula.

Student Voice; Student Action Research

What make students underachieve, give up, fail to try? As Equality & Diversity Coordinator , I set up discussions around these questions with the student E&D group. Their immediate responses included things like: Why would you try if you felt alienated, or if teachers felt ‘unreachable’ to you and/or if teachers didn’t know who you were , didn’t even remember your name?  Why would you ever…

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Episode 6: Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher has inspired and informed me for more than 15 years. The website is incredible and his library of resources truly vast. It is with great pleasure that I share this episode in which Adam provides an overview of his work and talk frankly about adultism and how it hinders true partnership between adults and young people.



Adam Fletcher’s internationally-renowned work is based on growing up as a border-crossing, occasionally homeless low-income kid from the Canadian Rockies to the Midwestern U.S. He has created an on engaging people throughout their lives. The author of 50 books and over 100 published articles, Adam’s work promotes personal engagement, youth voice, student involvement and community empowerment. He earned a Bachelors degree focused on critical pedagogy and youth studies from The Evergreen State College and conducted graduate studies at the University of Washington in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Today, he consults and trains organizations around the world.




You can listen to Episode 6 featuring Adam Fletcher here:


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Adam mentioned a number of resources in the podcast and provided these links where you can find out more information.


Special thanks to the original team for this episode:

  • Host: Jean Courtney
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  • Graphic and digital media support: Joie Li,

Special! Anneka Williams, Maura Riley and EJ Morgan

This episode features Anneka Williams, Maura Riley and EJ Morgan, three students from Harwood Union High School in Vermont.



Anneka Williams,  Maura Riley and EJ Morgan are seniors at Harwood Union High School in Vermont. The three of them are student leaders at their school and represent membership in student government, Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together (YATST), Class Council, and community service. Anneka, EJ and Maura are interested in promoting student voice and partnership not only at their school but globally. All are interested in changing the world and helping students recognize their potential to initiate change.



This episode is also available on iTunes.

This episode is also available on iTunes.