Students at a SoundOut School Improvement Session.


Here are podcasts with students made for the SoundOut Student Voice Podcast! These are current students as well as past students who shared their voices.

  • (9/9/2016) Andrew Brennen talks about the student voice movement
  • (10/12/2016) Rainbow Chen discusses her role as a student on the Vermont State School Board
  • (9/26/2016) Naima Raza examines her role as a student trustee on a district school board in Ontario
  • (6/6/2016) Oliver Jacob on students as researchers
  • (4/17/2016) Nico Waltenbury on how-to run student voice forums
  • (3/30/2016) Lauren Barry on a lifetime of engagement sharing student voice
  • (3/13/2016) Sam Mukwa Kloestra on reconciliation and student voice
  • (3/13/2016) Patrick Twagirayezu exploring what it means to prioritize disengaged students