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Special! Greg Williamson

This special podcast features Greg Williamson from Washington State.



For nearly three decades, while serving in other roles with the state and federal government, Greg Williamson has worked directly with young people to better involve them in the decisions that affect them. This includes establishment of several co-designed efforts: the Office of the Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI), Washington State Student Engagement Office; the Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC); US Senator Patty Murray’s Senate Advisory Youth Involvement Team (SAYIT); the Office of the Superintendent of Instruction/Washing Association of Student Councils: Student 2 Student “Change Your World” program; student engagement authority, funding, and initiatives in various student support programs, and other youth policy and strategy work.

Greg’s MA degree is in organization renewal, and much of his work and consultation involves teaching principles of systems thinking, change, chaos, and emergence theory to youth and adults as a vehicle for school and community improvement and increasing social justice.

Greg recommends viewing Engaged, an award-winning documentary series from Washington’s public television station called TVW. It shows Washington State students engaged in civic life.



Listen to this special episode with Greg Williamson here:

This episode is also available on iTunes.


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